About Us

Galago was founded by Adhiambo Mula-Lauwers, a multilingual creative who holds a BBA degree and is a prize-winning graduate of the Goldman Sachs - GIBS 10,000 Women Programme.

Galago is an ethics driven, fashion-forward brand, crafted and inspired around Africa, drawing on craft and traditional techniques to create contemporary products.

Galago's brand principles revolve around sustainability in its employment practices and consciousness in the materials sourced.

In addition to bridging the style and price gap, we are committed to honouring our African heritage by making our products in Africa using African hands to cut, stitch and manufacture our signature shoes.

 We handcraft most of our shoes in our sunny studio in downtown Johannesburg, sourcing our raw material in South Africa and employing talent (primarily women) from the community. We are an ethics driven brand, big on Africa.

We really, really love what we do and the impact we have on so many fronts.

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